When you are relaxing and enjoying your boat, rest assured that we provide the utmost levels of quality and durability.


Polyester Based Vinyl

Does not shrink or stretch in any way, it is tear resistant, rot proof and 100% waterproof, and it also has a U.V. inhibitor which slows the ageing process due to exposure to sunlight. Our material will withstand weather conditions to a life span of approximately 10-15 years unlike cotton backed or acrylic based materials. You will also be pleased to know that our material does not attract mildew and is easy to clean!!

Colours available - Navy, Burgundy, British Racing Green, Black, Royal Blue, Stone.

All material, excluding the stone colour, is light grey internally. This is to benefit your extra space by keeping it as light as possible. The stone colour is also stone in colour internally, again, keeping your interior nice and light.

Acrylic Based Canvas

As we are always endeavouring to meet our customer requirements we are now supplying the increasingly popular Acrylic Based Canvas material.  This material has a high resistance to sunlight and atmospheric conditions.  It is water resistant, tightly woven and has U.V. protection, absorbing and reflecting the UV rays thus preventing them from penetrating the fabric.

Colours available – Navy, Burgundy, British Racing Green and Black

All material has a light grey PVC coating to help lighten areas enclosed by the darker acrylic canvas colours.

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Anodised aluminium tubing is used for high quality framework. This provides you with a smooth, rust free, non-chip, polished finish.


Manufactured to the highest professional standard of durability we use nickel plated brass fixings. They have excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion and optimized sealing. These fixings will not spoil your cover by tarnishing as they are rust free.


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